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Processional Fanfare

2008. Published by Lovebird Music. Duration 2'30" approx.

(Grade V)









One winner of the 2008 Dallas Wind Symphony Fanfare Composing Competition

First performance - April 2008, Dallas Wind Symphony


"A stately, modern fanfare for brass and percussion."



4 Horns

6 Trumpets

3 Trombones (3 = bass)



Timpani (2 drums)

Percussion (1 player): Tam-tam


Programme Note

Processional Fanfare is a short work that expands on the motif first heard in the trumpets; a small downward leap followed by a larger leap back up again. This idea is overlapped when the rest of the ensemble enters gradually, and as this happens the harmonies thicken, leading to a bright and celebratory close.




Links to MIDI Recording of the piece on Lovebird Music's website.

Score can be viewed & purchased at Lovebird Music's website. 


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