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Four Postcards, for solo Harpsichord

2014. Duration 7' approx.







One of several Honourary Works chosen for the 2014 Anthology of the Alienor Harpsichord Composition Contest.


Movement 3 is published separately by RGB Publishing (USA). The whole work will soon be available.


I. Gentle Cascades

II. Aeroplane Graveyard

III. Pudu in the Forest

IV. Factory



Programme Note

The four short movements in this eclectic suite aim to show off different personalities and attributes of the harpsichord.

Gentle Cascades is constructed from subtly changing diatonic broken chords which descend in pitch and overlap, ending ambiguously.

Aeroplane Graveyard is a canon of sorts, a grim monolithic theme being forcibly contorted and compressed by alterating the intervals between certain notes. Pudu in the Forest is in a lighter mood, depicting the world's smallest deer frolicking in its natural habitat. Factory gives the harpsichord opportunity to be rhythmic and jazzy, with scrunchy chords and syncopation propelling the music to a sudden ending.



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